Who we are

Well-trained, evolving, rotating, professional coaches and tour guides, and Mr. Trace O'Connor. That's me. I have tens of thousands of hours of saddle time across many, many two-wheeler platforms. From vintage to dirt to street to road racing to small bore overnight adventures to cross-country dirt treks and more, I haven't "done it all", but I've certainly made the pursuit of it all my main prerogative.

Trace O'Connor, owner & operator of Dust and Rust Moto Adventure, Northern Colorado

 I'm admittedly obsessed and have the sharp skills to show for it. I remember walking through my uncle's shed when I was about four or five years old and eyeing the lines of his '54 Triumph. I slowly approached this amazingly unique family heirloom and ran my hand down the leather of the saddle. The tank was at eye-level. At that moment, the seed was planted. Ethereal motorcycle lightning bolts sparked into my fingertips. The spirits of Mike Hailwood and Burt Munro whispered in my ears. My curiosity knew no end and from then on, I haven't put it down.

I soon had a mid-80's Suzuki DS 80 and would tirelessly burn through tank after tank of gas on my tiny steed on my family's North Carolinian 45 acres. I'd ride every evening until it was too dark for its dim headlight to show the trail in front of me, making miles of tracks cut deep in the red soil of the pastures with my hoops of knobby rubber.

Today, along with Dust and Rust, I coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I take total newbies and middle-aged men with bad habits off the streets and teach them how to operate motorcycles safely in a world of automobiles that are trying to murder them. I absolutely love the opportunities that MSF affords me to help people enjoy their lives and make good decisions.

I've realized over the years that I love sharing things. I love sharing experiences especially, and there's no more satisfying way for me to do that than to teach someone how to shed the wet blanket of stifling worry and to have the confidence to hit the road on their machine, paved or otherwise. Credentials? Passion and dedication. Podium finishes? None. Education? Lots. Corporate race sponsorship? Not a one. I'm not here to make boat loads of money charging people for what I know. I'm here to share my inclination for finding out "what's down that road" via sharing skills such that my students will pursue those journeys on their own with confidence.

Let's ride.